Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Work In Progress - Monolith

Monolith- WIP; 24" x 24" oil by Greg Newbold
I started this painting a while back and coming off the big Kolob painting last week, I decided it was time to finish it up. I had a good painting session last night and laid in the center section of the painting and look forward to getting the bottom section blocked in today. This rock is called Siegfried Pyre and can be seen from the north rim of  the Grand Canyon near Point Imperial. I am having fun painting a little bigger and it seems that my graphic sensibilities are showing up a bit more the larger I work. I am cool with that since it feels like a natural progression.


Brad Teare said...

I love it. Great design.

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Brad- I am just trying to respond to nature and then push it a little. I guess the trick is recognizing great design in nature.