Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Battle of Bosworth - Sketch

Battle of Bosworth- 11" x 17" graphite  drawing by Greg Newbold
Here is the working drawing for a magazine article  am illustrating that recounts the Battle of Bosworth, in which Richard III of England was defeated by Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond. The popular account of this battle suggests that a poor blacksmithing job resulting from a lack if time and nails led to Richard's horse throwing a shoe in combat. Richard's horse stumbled and fell after throwing a shoe he was forced to engage the battle on foot. He rose from the ground as his horse galloped away shouting "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"  Henry's army ultimately killed Richard and Henry assumed the throne. The Battle of Bosworth Field is deemed the decisive battle that ended the War of the Roses and brought to an end the reign of the Plantagenet dynasty in England. I admittedly am not an English history buff, so it was fun to dig a little into the details to arrive at what I hope is a pretty accurate depiction of the scene. I am limited as for time and space (note the large area to the left of the spread where type will fall), so I had to creatively suggest the raging battle. I also needed to focus on details like  the heraldry in the flag and the styles of armor and weapons of the period. If I did not achieve total accuracy in historical detail, I think that I was able to capture the spirit of the action. For me, that is half the battle, so to speak. This will be a fun one to paint. I am doing this one in oil and hope to get going on the paint phase it today assuming
I get approval from the client.

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