Friday, May 17, 2013

Octopus Battle

Octopus Battle- acrylic/mixed media by Greg Newbold.

In this scene from Stormalong, our intrepid hero Stormy dukes it out with a giant octopus in a liquid battleground. The ship's anchor was being dragged deeper and the ship along with it. Of course Stormy dives deep, wins the the wrestling match by tying the octopus' legs in knots and makes it safely back to the surface. I posted a couple of other pieces from this series earlier and you can see them at the links below.

Baby Stormalong discovered on the beach
Stormalong's carved memorial 
Stormalong title page illustration


Brad Teare said...

Very cool! Sorry I missed your presentation at the Leonardo. I heard it was great.

Anonymous said...

Love it! The colours are so rich and, I'm and octopus art junkie.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah
Brad, the presentation went well and I think most people liked it. It was fun for mt to show some stuff from way back as well as work from as recent as last week.