Friday, May 3, 2013

Battle of Bosworth 2 - Finished

For Want of a Nail - Oil on board, 19" x 10" by Greg Newbold
As I explained when I posted the sketch version of this piece, the symbolism of King Richard III's fall is carried by the rumpled battle flag on the ground and the thrown horseshoe. I preferred this to the the proposed mob battle scene. I think it says more with less and the first piece is plenty to set the battle scene. This ended up being more fun than I thought when I took on the project. I especially likes painting the contrasting textures of the flag, the grass and the horseshoe.


Mike Blake illustration said...

Great ending to the story!

BTW my wife got her spring2013 copy of BYU Magazine...I immediately grabbed it cause I knew your work was in there. LOVE them! This magazine will not be going in the recycling bin!

Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Mike- That was a great project to work on. I am getting all sorts of nice comments from people I don't think have ever noticed my work before. At least they have never mentioned it anyway.