Thursday, July 25, 2013

Storm Over Kolob Finds Home in New Public Safety Building

Storm Over Kolob- 40" x 30" oil by Greg Newbold
I am pleased to announce that my painting "Storm Over Kolob" has been purchased for permanent display in the new Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. If you want to see it, they are holding public tours of new building through this weekend at 475 South 300 East in Salt Lake City, Utah. The painting is on display on the first floor just outside the main elevator bank. Because it is in a secured location, viewers will have to settle for a view from a few feet away, but I am assured it is visible and in a prominent place. I think the painting holds up well from a distance but I suspect employees will get the real pleasure from seeing it close up also. I am pleased to have another of my recent paintings find it's way into a permanent public collection on the heels of  the Springville Museum of Art's recent acquisition of "Beckoning the Peace of Wild Things". 

I also just delivered a couple of new paintings to my gallery Williams Fine Art in their new gallery space. Have a look at what is being offered if you missed out on this one. 


Amy said...

Congratulations! This painting evokes such a wonderful mood.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy! I am glad we get to keep the "mini" Kolob study for this one.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Way to go.

Julia said...

It's so pretty. Glad I got to see it in the gallery. Told you it sold!