Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bird of the Day - Hen

Hen- 6" x 8" Digital over graphite, by Greg Newbold
This is the second to last in the Egg book series. This one shows a laying hen on her eggs. I really enjoyed creating the shadows on this one and the effect is better than I hoped. I basically just used a warm gray gradient fill over the top half of the finished piece on a multiply layer and then erased out anything that wasn't my intended shadow. Once again, I am a believer in experimentation and learning on the job. I had about two weeks to complete all of these images from sketch to finish. I figured out a streamlined process that allowed me to paint all of them in a quick and efficient manner. I also learned how to create some pretty cool shadow patterns. Here is how the drawing looked.

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studio lolo said...

Wow! I haven't visited in a while. LOVE what I see here! I have NO clue how to do digital anything. If I were younger I think I could be awesome ;)

Love the shadows and her eyes!