Friday, July 5, 2013

Was It The Chicken Or The Egg?

Who knows? But for on my current project, I get to paint both. Here are a few more of the sketches for the project to go along with those I posted previously.

I now wait and hope that there are no changes. I can't really afford that on the budget they offered and I accepted. One thing I have learned through years of illustration, is that it never pays to cut corners.

Once I accept a project, I do my best regardless and I don't short change my client. I can't second guess or grumble about the pay, or the demands from the art director or client. I said yes. In these cases I try hard to be efficient, do good work and finish as quickly as possible. Sometimes that leads to a more well thought out and energetic effort and better results. We will see if this is the case here. I am still waiting for sketch approval.

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