Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bird of the Day- Robin

Robin- 6" x 8"- Digital over graphite, by Greg Newbold
This is the cover image for the Egg book I just finished. I thought I would post one finished painting a day for the next week or so until I run out of birds. This one of the Robin is the cover as well as one of the interior images for the book.  I love the color of Robin eggs. I posted the drawing here.


Mike Blake Studio said...

These are ridiculously amazing!!!! THe rendering the colors, everything! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike- these were fun. Glad you are enjoying them. I think I am finally getting a good grip on digital painting

BoomerKid said...

I love your prints!

may I borrow "Robin" ? to use on Facebook?

Unknown said...

Thanks Boomer. Unfortunately, the clients owns this project. I have the right to use it for my own self promotional, but I can't use or allow others to use it for any other purposes.