Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishing = Catching

Me with one of the "beasts"

Beasts = Feasts
"Fat 'bow" - acrylic on illustration board, 9" x 9"

Friday and Saturday I got to go camping with my youngest son Will to a private ranch about 45 minutes up the canyon from home. Our hosts have a private lake there that was drained down for repairs. As a result, all the fish were congregated in what was left of the water. On his first cast Will caught a 22 inch long 3 1/2 pound rainbow trout . Despite waking up to 2 inches of snow on the tent, we ended up catching 7 "beasts" ( as he called them),  six of which were 3 1/2 pounds or larger. The "small" one was merely 2 pounds. None were quite as fat as my "Fat 'Bow" though. I told Will that he might never have another fishing trip quite like this one, but he's willing to try again sometime.


ljay said...

testing 1,2,3. Where did you catch that big fish? Strawberry? Is the ice off up there yet? anyway, looks like you had fun!

Greg Newbold said...

Lael, the fish were caught on private property, but I hear Strawberry is heating up. And yes, it was a bunch of fun- you don't catch that many lunkers every day!