Thursday, May 27, 2010


First thumbnail- approx. 2" wide - roller pen

Final drawing - approx. 4.5" wide - black prismacolor

"Satisfied" - acrylic 19" x 13"

This painting is the cover as well as the final spread for "Scuffy, a scarecrow's tale", my MFA thesis and picture book project that I mentioned last post. I typically progress from really rough thumbnail drawings through a more finished value study drawing to the final painting. For years I admit I got lazy and didn't always create an effective value study before my final paintings. That was can be a dicey proposition as it can be hit or miss in the final execution of the art. Going back to grad school and rubbing elbows with so many talented professional artists encouraged me to reevaluate how I work and recommit to the basics of solid picture creation. Through this process I have come to realize that the value study is actually more important than the color study. It makes a big difference to have that value study in front of me before I start tackling color. Nearly any arrangement of colors (given a basic color relationship is present) can combine to make a successful picture if the value masses are arranged effectively.

See how the painting still works without color because of effective value patterns.


Jenny Crouch said...
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Jenny Crouch said...

Well I think Scuffy is wonderful. Unfortunately I'm not a publisher. But your artwork is to die for so I'm sure it'll be picked up soon. Good luck with it for both of you!