Thursday, July 8, 2010

American Express project part 1

Salt Lake City - American Express POP label sketch 1

Salt Lake City - American Express POP label sketch 2

A couple of years back, I got the chance to do a picture of my hometown, Salt Lake City, for American Express. The were launching a program to do new point of purchase stickers for all the vendors that accept their card. Each would have an image of the city painted by an artist who lives in that city. I was chosen to paint Salt Lake. I had quite a bit of latitude. Other than the square format, I got to propose the design of the painting. I created two options and they chose option number one. Tomorrow, I'll post the color studies and the final drawing.

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James said...

Hey, Greg. Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day.

These look good. I'd have to say that I prefer option 2, since it looks more authentically like the State Street that I've been on. Option 1 reminds me of Eric Dowdle's stuff, but I'm sure it will separate itself by the time we see the finished piece.