Friday, July 9, 2010

American Express project part 2

Salt Lake City- color study 1- graphite with digital color

Salt Lake City - study 2 - graphite with digital color

Salt Lake City - Final Drawing - black prismacolor, 10" x 10"

After the client decided on a direction for this project, they asked me to do a couple of color studies. I did a daylight version and sort of a golden evening version (which I thought was more dramatic but that the client did not choose). They settled on the daylight version and I went ahead with a much more detailed drawing. I incorporated some of the adjustments that were suggested, including a more forced foreground perspective. The final drawing is an improvement over the sketch  and was approved to go to final art. Anyone familiar with Salt Lake will recognize such landmarks as the Salt Lake L.D.S. temple, The City and County building, the State Capitol, the Rio Grande Depot, Energy Solutions Arena and Rice Eccles Stadium. All the other buildings also make part of the city skyline though I have taken some liberties in the orientation and arrangement of the buildings. Next post I'll show the final painting and tell the adventure of painting it.

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Christopher Thornock said...

Hola Greg. Nice to stumble upon your blog. Fun to read about the work and see your preparatory drawings, etc.. Very cool.