Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Living On The Edge-Part 2

The Drop - I am in the little red box

The drop off would obviously have been a fatal one if I had made a mistep, but honestly I never felt in any danger and never got any closer than about six feet from the edge.

Angel's Window - 9" x 12" oil

The painting was a bit of an exercise in frustration mixed with the sheer fun of painting. The light shifted every few minutes and I had to decide whether to change the painting or go with my memory. I enjoyed myself very much and had a good time chatting with the many people who stopped to take photos and watch. I felt a bit like a celebrity for a moment. Here's how it turned out.

I guess he didn't know the backstroke

The only casualty of the whole afternoon was this unfortunate fellow that fell into my turpintine pot and drowned himself. For a while I thought that some sort of leaf had blown in, but when I cleaned my brushes, I realized I had pickled a wasp. So, R.I.P. my bug brother, you sacrificed for art.

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