Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Good Frame Makes A Big Difference

Rabbit Brush- by Greg Newbold, 8" x 8"- Oil

It never ceases to amaze me how a good frame or the right frame can really make a painting look finished. I really believe that a good frame should enhance a picture without drawing attention to itself. I have been having some custom frames made lately for my landscape and livestock paintings. I searched around and found Gold River Frames in Cedar City, Utah. Travis Humphries custom makes frames for artists, galleries and museums across the country. I love the seamless corners and the custom finishes. He'll make anything you want and finish it however you want, anything from black to finely polished 24k gold leaf. I do a lot of odd sized paintings anyway, so I was always needing custom sized frames, so I am delighted to have found Gold River. He'll ship your frames anywhere in the country, so if you like what you see, consider having him make your next frame.

Gold River Gallery
This painting in progress on location

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LA Levy-Holm said...

What a wonderful piece (with or without a frame)!