Friday, June 25, 2010

My Artistic Pedigree Back To Howard Pyle

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can claim my artistic lineage all the way back to Howard Pyle. During my first summer of MFA work at the University of Hartford,  one of our instructors, Alice "Bunny" Carter informed us all that we were now all descendants of Pyle. One of my students recently asked about it, so for all of my students, here is your chain that now links you back to the "Father of American Illustration", Howard Pyle.

Howard Pyle (seen here circa 1898)
Taught Walter Everett (seen below as a young artist)

Who taught Henry Pitz
(below is a charcoal drawing of Pitz by Ben Soloway-1960)

Who taught Al Gold (no picture available)

Who taught Alice "Bunny" Carter
(Artist, Author and Professor at San Jose State University)

Who taught me.

Everyone's pedigree goes further and deeper to other sources through other teachers, but it's fun to look at my connections to this most revered of all illustration teachers.

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