Monday, June 21, 2010

Fort Worth, TX Rodeo

The twisting starts right out of the chute.

About three seconds in, things start to get hairy.

The cowboy takes one on the head.

A rodeo clown draws the bull away from the fallen cowboy.

During an MFA trip to Forth Worth Texas, we had the chance to attend a rodeo and take pictures from close up. I was struck with how enormous and powerful the rodeo stock animals were. We could actually feel the pounding of the hooves and at one point, a bucking bull came so close that I had dirt sprayed on me from the flailing hooves. I was clicking away with my multiple exposure setting and didn't realize how close he was until he was almost on top of me (separated by the gates of course). That got the heart thumping a bit. Here's a sequence of photos leaving a cowboy tossed on his head (he eventually walked away under his own power, but he took a hard fall. It was challenging to get photos amid such quick action, but I got some interesting results.

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Anonymous said...

What? You're not going to post the shot of you riding the bull?!