Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rooster Revisited

Rooster- 8" x 10" - acrylic on bristol paper

Many years ago as I was just starting my freelance career, I had a client who frequently gave me black and white work to do. They were sort of a monthly local interest magazine without a big budget for either art or printing. It was fun working for them and I had a lot of flexibility because they didn't have a ton of money. I think I was paid $200 per spot, but it was work and I was glad to have it. I was digging around in the studio for a different painting when I stumbled upon this one. I have always wanted to see what it would look like done in color, so now that I have rediscovered it, I may just do that.


Anonymous said...

Good Golly!
You're one of those guys that was "Good To Go" right out of the box!
Your early stuff shows why you've had such a successful career.
Keep up the great stuff!

Greg Newbold said...
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Greg Newbold said...

Thanks Ron- It has been fun and I feel like I did have a good kick start from school. Most of us have been drawing since we can remember. Sometimes the early stuff looked good beacuse I didn't know enough to screw it up by second guessing myself.