Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover for "Wheel"

Cover for "Wheel"  a novel by Hilari Bell
Art by Greg Newbold - unpublished acrylic on illustration board

A few years back I had a chance to do paintings for a trilogy of Fantasy Novels written by Hilari Bell and published by Simon and Schuster. I had previously done the cover for her book "Songs of Power", so I figure they liked it enought to call me again. I did a painting for the first book then titled "Flame" which was published  and also a spine piece that would span all three books. Wanting to keep continuity, the art director commissioned all of the three covers at the same time and I painted them in short succession. They turned out nicely and I was looking forward to having a trilogy of books to my credit when there was a change at the editorial level and my covers were axed. I got the last laugh when the final two covers were accepted into the Spectrum Annual which showcases the best in fantastic illustration each year.

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