Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chutin the Bull

These two cowboys conversing provided the inspiration.

Chutin' the Bull - Acrylic on masonite - 13"x19"
By Greg Newbold

The quieter moments of the rodeo were very interesting to me and I got a few compelling shots of cowboys sitting around during events. These two cowboys sitting on a gate created interesting possibilities for me. One of these photos was the main inspiration for a painting I created following the trip. I made a number of adjustments to the design and coloration that was in the photo including changing the awkward pose of the left cowboy's right arm. The shapes and rhythms of the figures contrasted against the angularity and repetition of the gates really pulled me in. I also had fun creating the "dirt" texture. I have a few more possible pieces in mind based on this experience and I look forward to finding the time to paint them.

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