Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Dog-Fish" by Greg Newbold
Acrylic with metal foil - 9" x 9"

Fifi the catfish needed someone to torment, so I decided to give her a friend. I started this guy as a demo for one of the illustration classes I taught last semester, but I recently finished him. I have been using different textures, mediums and brushwork methods a lot more recently. This painting utilizes more drybrush than I have used in the past as well as the crackle medium and foil leaf. I can't decide if he really is a bad dog or if he's just sort of dumb.


Anonymous said...

Having seen the beautiful originals of this piece and the "Choice Between Good and Evil", I would certainly encourage your experiments with the textures. Being "physical" paintings, the textures add a dimension not possible with digital work. As always, Greg, outstanding work!

Q. said...

Yeah! Keep going man!