Saturday, April 16, 2011

Once Upon a Truck- Finale

Down at Aunt Mame's -Detail

The truck here was painted about 1.25" long (I know, insane)

Here's the 1952 Ford truck as I painted it in "Down at Aunt Mame's" This is a detail of the entire painting, which I'll show another time. In my mind's eye, I picture the truck in a more idealized state and painted it that way . Also note the yellow Dodge pickup we used on the farm. Sort of wish we still had that one too. It had a lot more guts than the Ford.

The finished truck rolled off Chad Bangerter's trailer at the Autorama last month. It won the award for best restored truck and it's easy to see why.

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for indulging me in this little series.I hope it was interesting for at least a few. Back to more art related posts again next week.

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dolly d. said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted these. I've been so curious and the progression is cool to watch. Thanks!