Friday, April 22, 2011

Everything Including a Bicycle

Detail from juice label project- unused

A couple of weeks back, I posted some of the labels I did for Mountain Sun Natural Juices.Those pieces actually made it onto the product, but I also did two background labels for proposed product lines that never actually (as far as I know) went into production. This is the piece I did for the proposed "sport drink" line of juices. It was intended to be a natural alternative to Gatorade and would consist of real fruit juices with added electrolytes and vitamins, etc. 

Sport Drink label for Mountain Sun Natural Juices- approx. 17" x  5"- acrylic

They wanted the background illustration to depict all sorts of outdoor athletic activities such as runners, cyclists, etc., in a more urban setting (parks, neighborhoods and such.). The logo and the flavor spot would go dead center as in the other labels, so I curved the path around and placed the other characters and elements so that they would not be obscured by the type (at least I tried- this didn't exactly work with the other labels either). Here's how it turned out, and I did get paid for the piece.


Marion Eldridge said...

Really beautiful, Greg!

Cindy Paul said...

Wonderful color and action. Somehow this really screams fruit drink to me. You did a nice job.