Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penned In

Penned In- by Greg Newbold
24" x 32" - Oil

This is a companion piece to my painting titled "Unburdened". It was part of my MFA thesis project at the University of Hartford Low residency MFA in Illustration. We were asked to come up with a "dream project" and then create it. I had always wanted to make some paintings based on my experiences on the family farm growing up which included the ritual of yearly sheep shearing. In this piece I capture the uncertainty of the animals as they wait for their time to be relieved of their winter burden of wool. I still have a lot of material to draw from in this series (see thumbnail drawings here) and more paintings are planned including one that is already on the board. I hope to get started on it in the next little while as there has already been some interest expressed it..

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