Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Once Upon a Truck- Part 2

Our 1952 Ford Flatbed pickup underwent what you call a total tear down, meaning every component was disassembled, stripped, repaired and repainted, or if necessary, replaced before re-assembly. Most of the truck was salvageable and in pretty good condition given it had spent the better part of thirty years in an open air garage.

Fenders, hood and other parts await restoration

This restoration was as comprehensive as you could have hope for and was masterfully performed by Chad Bangerter. He owns and operates CB Rodz out of Sunset Utah.

His restoration and customization work won a number of awards at car shows across the country and he spared no effort in putting our '52 back in better than factory condition. This series of photos shows the tear down phase of the project. Next post I will show how the parts started to come back together. Photos are courtesy of Chad Bangerter.

As you can see, the truck started out in pretty rough shape. You'll be amazed at the transformation.

Check out more of Chad's excellent work here.

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